Does the hair look natural?

Yes, De Shay’s hair wigs are 100% natural virgin collected from single donors. These hair wigs are chemical free so it will never hurt your scalp. Moreover. Our hair wigs blend easily with your hair and give you a long lasting natural look. It is very light in weight that you will never feel that you have worn any wig.

What is the weight of each bundle?

The weight of each bundle is between 3.2-3.5oz. 

What is the life of this hair?

The life of the hair wig truly depends upon the maintenance. If you handle the hair wig as if your own hair it will last for longer. Basically, a normal hair wig lasts for 6 months to one year.  

Does this hair shed?

The hair which is weaved with the weft can shed, but the quantity of shedding depends upon the quality. De Shay’s hair wigs are manufactured out of high quality natural hair which needs less maintenance. 

How much hair do I require?

It depends upon your choice but technically we suggest you as, for the length of 14-16 inches you’ll need 3 bundles. For Lengths of 18-22 inches, go for 3 bundles or more. For Lengths of 24-26 inches, you require 4 bundles or more. For 28 inches or more you will require 5 bundles or more than that. 

Will Brazilian hair look just like the African American hair?

Yes, Our Brazallian hair wig collection has the texture and color similar to the African American hair.

Will each weft be of the same length and weight? 

De Shays offer a wide range of hair wigs, so all wefts will be of different length and weight as some are hand sewn and some are prepared by machines as per styling requirement. 

Can I cut the Weft?

All our wefts are machine made and reinforced, we don’t recommend you to do so as it will spoil the style but if you still want to do it you can. 

What will the term “wefted” mean?

It is the term which is used mostly for weaving. It is the weaving method in which the raw material is sewn or bonded together. A weft will appear similar to a curtain or hair is sewn along on top of the head.

Can I apply color on this hair?

All our hair wig collections are 100% natural and collected from a single donor, so you can experiment any way with a wig. Colour it, straight it or curl it, it will not get damage. But, we will recommend you to consult with the professional before applying color. 

Does #613 Platinum Blonde Hair requires High Maintenance?

Yes, When you apply bleach to #613 Platinum Blonde Hair, it becomes weak and breaks easily, so it needs extra care. You need to hydrate it regularly by using Argan oil. To make it long lasting, you have to wash it weekly with hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. Try out De Shay’s hair care set works well for #613 Blonde hair.

What kind of hair care products do I need to use?

To restore the goodness of your hair, we would recommend using natural products. De shay’s offers a wide range of shampoo, conditioner, hair serum & hair mask which not only restores the goodness of your hair but also strengthens the roots of hair deeply. It brings back lost lustre and makes your hair soft and nourishing. 

Do I need to do anything special in the morning? 

Yes, In Morning it's the best time to comb your hair to evenly distribute the oil to the roots. Comb / Brush your hair from the roots to the end because it will help to keep the pressure off the weft which will increase the life and durability of your hair.

Does this hair require any maintenance?   

Yes, you will require the re-attachment service appointments after every 3-6 weeks. 

Can I go swimming?

Yes, you can but we will recommend you to use pony tail before you go for swimming as it will not tangle the strands and you can easily wash the hair after swimming. 

Expert Tip : Use conditioner spray after swimming. 

How often should I wash my hair?

There is no limit. 

Do I need to do anything special before sleeping?

We will not recommend you to sleep with wet hair. Sleeping on wet hair can damage the color of the hair and soon the hair loses its natural lustre. 

It's better to roll your hair in rods at night because this process will maintain your curls and limits the amount of heat you need to use on your hair.

What do you mean by Virgin, Remy, & Raw?

Virgin refers to unprocessed hair which does not contain any type of chemical or color.

Remy means that all the hair cuticles will be directed towards the same direction to avoid tangling of hair particles

Raw means 100% unprocessed hair which has been directly collected from the hair donor.

When the wig is raw that means that the hair is cut from the donor’s head and is immediately wrapped into a buddle quickly so that its freshness doesn’t get lost. Raw hair wigs are meant to be the world’s high quality wig and safe as they are natural and fresh.

Virgin hair is known as the luxurious hair in the market. Bundle texture hair wigs are of different quality as they are mixed and are collected from different donors.  

Best tips you can follow to keep your hair wig long lasting and durable. 

  • Styling Tools : We will recommend you to use a wide tooth or paddle back brush to brush or comb your hair. Don’t give pressure while combing as it can break your hair strands from the cuticle. 
  • Before Going to Bed: You need to comb the hair before you go to the bed. It's better to make braid as it will prevent tangles.
  • Washing Your Hair: If you want to increase your hair’s life and durability then you should regularly wash your hair with good quality shampoo and after shampooing use a conditioner. To keep the hair moisturized use a hair mask. We will recommend you to use a hair mask at least once in a week. For best results you can try out De Shay’s Coconut shampoo, conditioner. 
  • Wavy & Curly Hair: If you are using wavy or curly hair extension then we would recommend you to use curl control cream when your hair is still wet after a wash. This way it will stop the hair from frizzing.

    Our hair extensions allow the client to experiment with their look with our hair wig collection. But you need to follow some precautionary measures. If you can not color properly then we recommend that you should visit any professional hairstylist for coloring your hair.