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Tired of the monotonous hairstyle everyday? Looking for something extra-ordinary? Yearning for some miracle product to take care of your hair for those events in your life that matter?  Cambodian wavy hair is the finest solution to all your problems!

Our Cambodian wavy hair is designed to be reconciled with all types of hair be it African -American and Caucasian. it favors all sorts of hairstyles with a good tendency to hold curls in the wet/misty state.

Our product which assure natural and chemical free product and that is from a single donor. The product promises its durability of 2-3 years more depending upon the care and precautions taken by you.

For exquisite and flawless hair look the product is recommended to use from 4- 6 weeks and then a re-installation is required.

Avail this bundle offer and sparkle like a star at every event.

We offer an entirely natural product that promises a luscious look.

Product features:

An extremely soft and natural texture

Hand tied material with 150% dense lace


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